Thursday, 19 May 2011

Welcome to my life!!

Dear Friends out there,
This is Arvin. Welcome to my life! Anyone can read about my life and learn something out of it. Hope that you enjoy reading it.

Here it goes........

Arvin Sylvester Lim is not a name named by by parents. My birth name is Lim Teck Wee. In 1976 somewhere in November, My useless father made my mother pregnant again and nine months later, I was born. I was born in a poor family with a drug addict as a father. My mum was 16 years old when she delivered my, hence, she wasn't working. Soon after my younger sister, Linda was borned, my parents divorced! Then, my father chose to have me and my younger sister's custody. My elder sister, Cindy was separated with us as my mum took her. She took my older sister as she knew that my father love Cindy the most among the three of us!!!

Ever since that, I have been living in a life of poor.